If you are planning to move on to a different residence or office then the best procedure in unpacking and packing of things would be very vital. It has to be carefully planned so that the entire process would be very convenient. You should take some extra time for this in order to make sure that the things are safely packed while being transported and avoid injuries and accidents that could happen due to improper packing of things. Here are a few tips on how to safely pack your things when moving.

Do-It-Yourself Packing

If you choose to  pack your own items feel free to ask us about the  proper packing materials needed. We sometimes see consumers use improper boxes that cannot hold the weight of the items inside, which result in broken boxes and damaged goods. US-1 Van Lines uses the highest quality packing supplies. For your convenience we can deliver packing supplies to your door step.

Tips for Packing and Unpacking

The first thing that you have to do is to sort out all of the things that you have to bring with you to your new place. Discard items that you no longer need and pack only the things that are still valuable to you. Your main goal is to have the lightest baggage as much as possible. You can even set up a garage sale to dispose some of your possessions. Now is the perfect time for you to return stuff that you have borrowed from relatives and friends as well so that once you move in to your new place then all of the items in there would be purely your own belongings. This would also help in identifying things that you should purchase for your new home. When it comes to moving packing and unpacking services takes a special touch.

Your main concern when packing is to avoid heavy baggage and simply keep those boxes stuffed yet easy to carry or move around. Take note of your fragile belongings and the packing process must be extra cautious for them. Mark the boxes that contain fragile items or hazardous ones so that the people who are going to carry them will be notified of what they are carrying. For a professional approach then you can choose to hire a packing and unpacking services company at a certain rate. If you avail of their services then you’d be assured that the process of packing and unpacking will be done right.