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June 24, 2016
Moving Tips

The san francisco bay area is well known as the one of the epicenters of many great things ranging from arts and definitely culture to all of the exciting attractions from all the historic landmarks to the all so special high-tech interest thats around. If you have any plans on moving to the bay area soon, you’ll quickly find that there’s so many great things to see.

Consider to be one of the most auto intense area in the US, the bay area is known for its stubborn traffic jams and busy streets and roads. This can be a challenge for a new comer. Here are a few tips to help you out and avert some of the catch 22 of moving to the Bay Area. It’s a good idea to get a good visual of prior to your arrival in order to account for any possible surprises that may come. Unless youre that kind of person.


Before you get started with your relocation determine, ahead of time if you need a permit. There’s no requirement for you to obtain a parking permit when moving the San Francisco Bay Area, if you’ve notice that parking shortages in the immediate vicinity can cause you to have a hard time unloading or loading a moving van, contact the police department or city offices to find out how to get the right permit that will be needed.


If you are relocating to continue your education the California state university system will have dozens of campuses scattered throughout the san francisco bay area, not including the many private colleges. This can impact your ultimate decision about precisely where to put your hat down at when moving to the bay area, especially if you’re not interested in living in living around a student population. Some of the cities that may have some of the largest student populations will include San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley an dSanta Cruz.

Both in San Francisco and San Jose are some of the takeaways and highlights of the Bay Area.
As long as you can open up to new ideas and also out of everything els, if you can afford rent, It can be a fantastic place to live and work.
If you are working in the tech industry please expect to go into the belly of the beast when it comes to technology.

When coming to the Bay Area to live you will be able to witness what the future has to offer first hand. You will witness Googles driverless cars driving around Mountain View, Tesla electric cars on every block and much much more.

If you thought it would be a hassle to move and live in the tech-out Silicon Valley, there area other ventures to consider.

The weather outside of the city can be sort of mild all year-round. If you are coming from the east coast you may miss seasons. Given the difference in climate you wont need that heavy coat nearly as often.

Within a 100 mile radius you will find Wine country, coast, mountains, etc. There is a vast of great produce that is available, as well as some excellent restaurants.


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